Compact Sleeve w/Bionic 16-inch

Compact Sleeve w/Bionic 16-inch

Compact Sleeve w/Bionic 16-inch

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Our new collection designed with BIONIC® yarn - a durable material created from recovered plastic pollution found in marine and coastal environments - is our way of removing some of the plastic invading our waters and repurposing it into everyday products you already need.

The Incase Compact Sleeve's premium design complements the streamlined form of your MacBook. Created from BIONIC® yarn, which is a high-grade, recovered ocean plastic continuous filament yarn that is not only impressively durable but yields a variety of performance and aesthetic properties such as abrasion-resistant micro ripstop qualities to protect your device.


  • Created from the equivalent to seven plastic bottles recovered from marine & coastal environments
  • Crafted with durable, 100% recycled plastic, BIONIC ripstop material
  • Streamlined construction designed for durability and performance
  • External quick-access zippered organisation pocket
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x .75 in (L x W x H)
  • Compatibility: Up to 16-inch MacBook Pro

This sleeve is equivalent to seven plastic bottles recovered from our oceans.

Unity through form and function.

Designed intentionally with style and function in mind, the collection features practical details and organisational tools designed as a cohesive system to work together.

Stronger Thread. Greater Good.

The DNA of the movement is tied to community activation efforts with Waterkeeper Alliance, the world's largest non-profit dedicated to the advocacy of clean water. Through this alliance, BIONIC® establishes local recycling infrastructure and plastic recovery centres that clean and process the ocean plastics needed to support their supply chain.


An Eco-Friendly Every Day Carry Solution.

The Incase Compact Sleeve's premium design beautifully complements the streamlined form of your MacBook. Using a durable, lightweight ocean-plastic recycled Bionic ripstop to protect your device, while providing quick access organisation through the external zippered compartment.