The global appeal of the ICON Sling.

When creating new utility solutions at our L.A. office, we don’t just think locally; we create on a global level. How can this product help both the art director living on the other side of DTLA and the illustrator commuting in Europe? What features meet and exceed their needs? Our intent is to always provide a better experience through good design no matter where you’re getting from point A to point B.

Introducing our newest solution: The ICON Sling. We designed this as a hybrid bag—not completely a messenger, but not your standard sling either—so you can carry the tech you need while giving you quick, easy access to it all; it can be worn as a crossbody (at the chest or back), over one shoulder or carried like a messenger. The freedom and mobility this form offers makes it universal and adaptable across different metropolitan areas—the ability to wear it across the chest alone makes it an attractive security feature for commuters in population-dense areas.


To get an idea of how the ICON Sling fits into different mobile lifestyles and cultures, we reached out to some of our partners in major cities throughout the world: L.A., Bangkok, Seoul and Berlin. Here’s a glimpse of what an everyday commute is like in their hometown.

The ICON Sling worn in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ICON Sling worn in Seoul, Korea.

The ICON Sling worn in Berlin, Germany