20 years of Incase.

In 1997, an idea was born: design solutions that not only protect, but also empower those creating on the Apple platform by fostering a community of inclusivity and self-expression. Two decades later, the same idea still remains true.
Paying tribute to our California heritage and most iconic form, we reflect on the past twenty years with a redefinition of the iconic Classic Sleeve. A true commemoration of our rich brand heritage, the 20 Year Anniversary Classic Sleeve represents the core of Incase.
We are writers. We are designers. We are photographers, artists, and illustrators. We are explorers seeking the unknown. We are adventurers hungry to create, inspire, and change. We are curators with a responsibility to deliver the best possible experience when you do what you love, whether it’s passion or profession.

"Ideas are always worth protecting".
From humble beginnings in a Northern California garage to a global stronghold in downtown Los Angeles, we provide a unique experience that enhances the relationship between the user and their devices. Because technology is more than an iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Technology means communication. Communication means expression. It transcends arbitrary physical boundaries, national borders and geographic barriers, allowing us to create ideas, collaborate and share them instantly, spanning the entire globe.
Ideas are always worth protecting. They aren’t bound by temporal constraints. Ideas created yesterday have the ability to continue to shape society 300 years after tomorrow. It’s worth ten years of developing, redeveloping and redefining. It’s worth embracing performance and mobility from unexpected material innovations –faux-fur, neoprene, TENSASERLITE™.
To celebrate 20 years of ideas, 20 years of collaboration and 20 years of good design, we developed of new take on the Classic Sleeve, now with TENSAERLITE™ protection technology. Here’s a look at how we got here.
  • 1. Form follows form.
    Complementing Apple since day one, we share a fundamental understanding in the principles of good design.
  • 2. Function before fashion.
    Fashion changes form one season to the next. Rise above trend. Remain timeless in form and utility.
  • 3. Less, but better.
    We eliminate the superfluous and dismiss embelishment, leaving the essential and ensuring every element performs at the highest level.